Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Spice of Life!

Live life to the fullest.  I know that sounds like a cliché, but it is important to accomplish everything you want to in this life because you only get one.  I now understand why the older generations create “bucket lists”.  They want to do the things they never allowed themselves to do.

Many of us looked at dreams as unattainable, wishful thinking.  It is very easy to go into survival mode and get stuck.  You work hard to provide for your family.  That often means staying in a “stable” albeit unfulfilling job.  You no longer have time to chase dreams or are fearful of the instability of dream chasing.  I have been able to realign myself so that my dreams become more attainable.  With this new found wisdom, I find myself rejoicing with others when they walk into their destiny.
My cousin Celeste has been more like my sister from another mister for as long as I can remember.  We share an unconditional love that is very rare.  We have the same interests, temperament and mannerisms.  We have grown together.  I could not have been more proud and overjoyed when she decided to really pursue her passion and launch her own business Lyndigo Spice, LLC

Celeste is an extraordinary cook.  She is creative and has an undeniable palate.  She has always cooked for her family and loves to entertain (that means feed you).  Word quickly spread about her culinary talents and Celeste found herself filling special order requests and catering various events.  Celeste only utilizes wholesome natural ingredients.  It was difficult to find items without preservatives, excessive salt and sugar, chemicals and food coloring in the supermarket.  While creating different menus for her catering business Celeste began to experiment with spice rubs and condiments to provide her clients with the highest quality dishes possible.  These spice rubs and condiments became so popular people began placing orders for them. 

Celeste only dreamed of one day having a business doing what she loved.  You can taste the love and care that goes into each product she creates.  Right now on her website, she has eight products available.  These are not flavors you are going to find anywhere else, the combinations are amazing.

The Original Spice Rub is a low sodium barbecue rub that you can use on fish, meat, poultry or veggies.  This rub is so versatile I find myself reaching for it repeatedly.  I especially use when I cook ribs; you do not even need barbecue sauce.

The Pineapple Chutney is great with spicy food, sharp cheeses or on a bagel with cream cheese.  I myself love paring it with my jerk chicken.

The Fennel & Fig Chutney is the newest member to the Lyndigo Spice family.  I just received this one in the mail and will definitely have it with my holiday turkey and ham this Thanksgiving.  Many people are afraid of the anise flavor of fennel but it is completely mellowed by the sweet onions, figs and currants.  This one has layers of flavor!

Smokey Peach & Cherry Chutney is great on pork, chicken and salmon.  I used this on a Panini with brie cheese and arugula, it was fantastic.  Oh yeah!

The Savory Red Pepper Relish and Spicy Red Pepper Relish can be used in soooo many ways.  You can use these wherever you would use red peppers but with a twist.  Fish, burgers, hot dogs or eggs the options are endless.  Do not be afraid of the word spicy.  I use the spicy relish in place of my hot sauce.  It has a little heat to it but it is not over the top.  Who doesn’t like a little spice in their life?

Roasted Mango Relish is sweet and tangy with the slightest heat in the background.  I love this with my Indian dishes.  It is also great with sweet potatoes, chicken and fish.

Finally the Plum Fruit Spread.  I stopped buying store bought jams and jellies because they were full of high fructose corn syrup, sugar and preservatives.  I am thrilled to be able to have this low sugar plum fruit spread on my freshly baked biscuits.  It is like spreading the fruit itself.  If course it is not just for biscuits.  Use it in your peanut butter sandwich, toast or anywhere you would use those sugar-laden jellies.  Your taste buds will thank you.

I encourage everyone to pursue your passion; you are never too late to live your dreams.  Please stop by Lyndigo Spice, LLC and see what Celeste is cooking.

Feel free to leave your comments below.  If you are familiar with Lyndigo Spice products let me know how you use them.  What is your dream?

Healthy eating…

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